Vacuum Cleaner Wars

DH and I are at odds, war if you will, about a vacuum cleaner for this house. When we moved in this house, he went to buy a vacuum after I foolishly told him I didn’t care what he bought. He bought a Dirt Devil based on an old lady’s recommendation at Wal-Mart. Really? A random person’s comment? Hmmm.

The Dirt Devil was okay, I guess, but it was hard to maneuver and it wouldn’t pick up anything at all on the hardwood floors. The cleaning lady, aka our daughter, didn’t like it either.

Since I’m talking about this piece of equipment in the past tense, I guess you know that we no longer own the Dirt Devil. It now lives at our son’s house. I made the executive decision one day to go buy a new, better model vacuum. I researched it and everything.

I went to Sears and bought a Kenmore Intuition. DH even reluctantly went with me to buy it. This is a great machine. It sucks up stuff off the rug like nobody’s business. It even works pretty well on the hardwood floors.

There are a couple of drawbacks, however.

First and foremost, it doesn’t have a retractable cord. In the greater scheme of things, I have learned that this is the ultimate deal-breaker for DH. Who knew? He can somehow get the cord so hopelessly twisted that I have forbidden him to even plug it into the wall. I highly suspect this is passive aggressive behavior on his part.

Secondly, the on-board sucky tool thingies are ridiculously stiff and contorted. I wholeheartedly agree with DH on the failure of this aspect of the vacuum. These things need to be easy to pull off and put back on, and they should work very well, with soft brushes to pick up dust on baseboards and such.

Actually, our favorite vacuum is our Roomba. We love it! However, it won’t work on our current rug. It has a block pattern, and the Roomba gets hung on it.

The Problematic Rug

Also, when I bought our new furniture, I made the huge mistake of not buying it high enough for the Roomba to be able to go under it. I will NOT make that mistake again, with the rug or the furniture!

To keep peace in the fam, if you have any suggestions for the perfect vacuum for us, please let me know!


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