I Hate Halloween

I know that I’m treading on dangerous water here, but I really do hate Halloween. I hate the the ugly side of it–the blood, the guts, the witches, the yuk.

It all started when my son was just a little boy. We took him to a haunted house, and he came out terrified. I swore never again would I subject him to such a thing nor would I ever enter one again, and I didn’t. This was back in the ’70s when such things were tame compared to now.

My hatred of haunted houses was reinforced today when DH asked me if I had read the report today about the 17-year-old girl who hanged herself accidentally while working at a haunted house. The visitors to the house thought she was a prop. As of my last reading, they were hoping she would survive. How sad.

And for what? A few screams? You can read about it here.

OTOH, I like it when princesses, Supergirls, Jasmines, pumpkins, Mario, various animals, Spiderman and three Luigis show up at my door wanting candy. That is the innocuous, happy side to Halloween, and I like that part. The mischief part–not so much.

Additionally, I feel compelled to show up to work in some sort of Halloween attire, but being cheap, I won’t spring for a costume. Therefore, I Google “easy Halloween costumes” the night before and come up with some doozies like the following:

Apple Products Promoter

I love Apple Products which is why I showed up as a promoter.

A Scary Auburn Fan (I'm a Roll Tide Alabama Fan!)

I’m a ROLL TIDE! fan which is why I chose to be a scary Au-burn fan.

This year I came as an Iron Chef, complete with the Mario Batali orange/red Crocs.

See, I’m cheap, and I found the apron in my drawer, the iron on my bookshelf (it’s my grandmother’s BTW, and over 100 years old) and the Crocs on my back porch.

Anyway, I love the fun part of Halloween, but the dark side makes me hate it more.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

Actually, for this week’s challenge all you have to do is look at my headline photo above. See the hidden baby Bison?

This is a wider view. Can you see the baby Bison hidden in this photo?

Tooth Ripping-Ouch Day

Yesterday was not a fun day. Tooth #12 was ripped out of my head. Yep. That’s its name–tooth #12. That’s the one that if you don’t get it replaced, you look like you just stepped out of the movie Deliverance.

My misery started earlier last week with a little pain that I dismissed because I had successfully completed my six-month dental checkup a couple of weeks before. I realized the pain was real when my tooth broke in half while I was having my relaxing lunch at the river.

You can read about that here.

Talk about a way to ruin your day. I called the dentist, and of course couldn’t see him until the next day. When I got there, I had all kinds of fun on his carnival ride where he turns me upside down on my head to the point I am sliding headfirst to the floor. Man!

After feeling my tooth shift under his finger, he told me that it was one of those freak things that rarely happen. Lucky me. Then, he says he’s going to pull it.

Say what? Um, are you going to put me to sleep? I knew the answer was no, so we talked and decided I’d go to an oral surgeon. He got me in that day, so I left one office and proceeded directly to the other.

When my oral surgeon walked in, he said, “Do I know you?” I told him he had pulled my wicked wisdom tooth with the roots wrapped around my jawbone a year and a half ago. He still didn’t remember until I reminded him of what I told him.

“I weigh more than I look like I do, and I want you to be sure and give me enough stuff to make sure I’m out. I don’t want to know I’m in the world,” I said.

“It seems like I do remember that conversation,” he said with a grin.

The reason I told him that is because on another tooth-ripping occasion (yes, that’s three!) I knew EVERYTHING the oral surgeon was doing. Not fun.

As much as you can love an oral surgeon, I love this one. Both times he has knocked me out completely with what he calls “the good stuff,” and brought me back to life again. His nurse is awesome, and makes me feel as at ease as possible.

I had a bonus of seeing these pretty leaves upon entering the office. I was so goofy on the way out that I didn’t notice them then. 😀

After a swollen-face day yesterday, all is better today. Oh, and I’ve had hardly anything to eat the last three days, and guess how much weight I’ve lost? Not one ounce.

You’d think I’d at least get that bonus.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity

I had the opportunity to see crazy beautiful color at Linn Cove Viaduct on the Blue Ridge Parkway a few weeks ago.

I wasn’t too thrilled about this week’s challenge since it is pretty much like last week’s.

My Lunchtime DeStress Zone: Topic #288

My autotopic of the day (as BrainRants calls it) is “Where is the most relaxing  place in your world?” For me, the answer is simple.

The River.

My DeStress Zone

In this photo, you are looking at my favorite lunchtime spot. I am so blessed that I can go here at least part of the time when it’s not too hot or too cold. My drive to relaxation is less that five minutes.

Fall and Spring definitely hold the greatest promise for relaxation at the river. Summer too humid and blazing hot, and Winter mostly freezes me out, although some days in winter border on perfect glimpses toward Spring.

Just getting out of the building I work in for 30 or 40 minutes, breathing fresh air, watching a barge float by, and seeing the water sparkle rejuvenate me in a quite wonderful way.

Some days, like today, I even get to watch a hawk soar overhead while having lunch with a friend.

Weird Cold Weather Dressing

In Alabama, the season shift is a weird thing temperature-wise. When you leave in the morning, it can be 30ish and by noon anywhere from 70-85 degrees, causing some strange sights in attire worn by obviously confused people.

Here’s the sight I saw walking down the sidewalk the other day:

College female sporting Ugg boots, bare legs, short shorts, and a long-sleeved shirt with an oversized neckline draped off her left shoulder. (If you don’t know what Ugg boots are, just think ugly. Then, Google it.)

Said female had her arms wrapped around herself. No coat in sight. I guess she was cold.

Really? If you are going out with all that leg and shoulder showing, don’t act cold. I’m sure I don’t know style, but I do know good sense.

Oh, and the temperature was 45–I checked. Not shorts weather, but not Ugg boots weather, either.