Don’t Fall Out of the Dentist’s Chair

I went to the dentist yesterday, and luckily I remembered the appointment before I left the house.

Why is that important, you ask? I don’t know how your dentist does things, but mine puts me on a carnival ride without a seat belt every time I go.

I’m not kidding. The man pushes the hydraulic button, lifts the chair up, and flips me upside down on my head!!! I white-knuckle the dentist chair even when I’m sitting level, but when he flips the switch for this ride, I have to hang on for dear life!

I totally get that this makes it easier for him to see in the back recesses of my maw, but when he flips me upright again, my vertigo kicks in every single time. Let the spinning in my head commence!

Sheesh. For this much fun all I get is a toothbrush? Shouldn’t I get a little keychain or something?

What does all his have to do with my choice of clothes? Well, I was going to wear a pair of slickidy pants yesterday, but when I remembered I was going to the dentist, I put some on that were grippier.

I knew not to wear a dress or a skirt, either. That would not do at all.

Hopefully, I won’t have to ride the ride again for another 6 months.

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