Ford or Chevy? & Plastic Seat Covers


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Every now and then I’ll meet one of those big ole ’60s cars on the road and it reminds me of the ones from my childhood.

My parents were Chevrolet people. They liked Impalas and later Caprice Classics. As far as I know, they never owned anything other than a Chevy. I really have no idea why. All I really remember about those cars is that they were big. Really big.

DH and I got blessed with one of their old ones after we got married. While coming home from school one day, DH was hit head-on. The heavy metal frame of that Impala monster probably saved him from dying that day.

Later in our marriage, for some reason we borrowed their Chevy. At that point in our marriage, DH was working wacky hours that had him coming home at all hours of the night. On that particular night, he came home and woke me up with the words, “I’m okay, but the driver’s window in your parents’ car was broken out while I was working.”

I grabbed him by his shirt and lifted myself out of bed clutching tightly. “What!” was my sleep-muddled brain’s reply. As far as I was concerned, I was dead. He was dead. They would never speak to us again. Noooooo!

Remarkably, they did speak to us again. Turns out, that as responsible adult parents, they had insurance. Go figure!

My best friend’s parents, on the other hand, were Ford people. In particular, I remember a Ford Galaxie that they had, not because of any feature of the Galaxie in particular, but because of the seat covers.

Do you remember that in the ’60s, many people plastic wrapped anything they deemed valuable and wanted to make sure was protected? Well, they plastic-wrapped their furniture in their living room and the fabric seats on their car.

The plastic wrap in their car was that triangle bubble stuff that left dents in your legs when you wore shorts in the summer. Only thing was that in the back seat where we, the children sat, the plastic had been installed upside-down. Therefore, instead of indentations in our legs, we had puffed-up bubble poufy things on the backs of our legs. Yuk!

As for Ford and Chevy, between my parents and my best friend’s parents, it was a draw.

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