Purse Held Hostage in Buggy

Shopping cart return on the parking lot of a W...

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Okay, maybe I’m then only one who thinks this is funny, but it made me laugh out loud.

There was an old lady (old being defined as anyone 15+ years older that me–you do know that’s the definition of old, don’t you?) in a parking lot yesterday who had her purse–probably handbag to her–strapped to her buggy (cart to some but that’s a whole nother post) via the baby belt.

She was beside her car fumbling and tugging at the belt, unable to release the clasp holding her purse hostage. I’m watching and laughing. Not good form, I know, but honestly, I thought it was just so funny that she was so concerned with protecting her purse in the store, and here she was in the parking lot fighting to free the thing in a much more vulnerable place.

Due to DH’s prompting (I was talking to him on the phone about the important matter of purchasing crab legs), I went to help her. By the time I got there, she had set the hostage free! Yay!

I know that will probably be me in a few years, but I have truly learned to laugh whenever the opportunity arises to laugh.

And in case you’re wondering, she was laughing about it, too.

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