Have You Laughed Out Loud Today?

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I have–many times. And it’s been one of those days–you know–the kind that tries to break your spark.

I think that laughing is absolutely the best mental health exercise ever. It’s also good for your health. Because of that, I do something I said I’d never do–I pay for XM Radio just for the comedy channels. I love Laugh USA and most of the time I love Blue Collar Radio as long as they keep the language toned down.

Thanks to these channels, I’ve “discovered” many funny comedians including Jeanne Robertson, Brian Regan, Clinton Jackson, Kathleen Madigan, Russell Peters, Andy Andrews, and Rabbi Bob Alper to name just a few.

I love starting my day laughing out loud in my car while I am driving to work. It’s a great way to close the day on my drive home as well.

The one making me laugh today is John Pinette. Oh my goodness–he is SO funny! Have you ever heard him? If you haven’t, go immediately to YouTube and listen to his bit on buffets, or going to the gym, or standing in line, or any of the others. You’ll be laughing out loud yourself and find yourself saying, “Nay, Nay!!”

I’ve had this quote on my fridge for years, and don’t read it nearly as much as I should:

“Children laugh an average of three hundred or more times a day; adults laugh an average of five times a day. We have a lot of catching up to do.” ~Heather King, Crib Notes

So, have you laughed out loud today?

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