Wicker Quest


See that picture? That’s my sister’s wicker. Well, it’s just the tip of the iceberg of my sister’s wicker.

She’s on a quest–a wicker quest. As my brother-in-law said, he’s learned that when she has decided she wants something, the quest commences!

So far, she has acquired a wicker rocker, ottoman, and lounger. She spray-painted them black.

She has purchased a couch, chair, and ottoman for a pretty decent price. So far she’s left that as-is.

Yesterday she drove to a house north of Nashville for her race-horse deal–a couch, a chair, an ottoman, and three end tables–all for $75. Now she’s in the process of painting it all black with oil-based house paint.

The woman is on a mission.

I’m not sure just how much wicker she’s going to get, but I’m pretty sure she has more that she needs right now.

Let’s recap. Here’s what she has so far:

1 Rocker

2 Couches

1 Lounger

3 Chairs

3 (maybe 4) Ottomans

3 (maybe more) End Tables

1 Baby Changing Table–Did I mention she’s a tad past the baby age?

2 Side Tables

1 Bookcase

2 Tissue Cover Thingys

2 (or more) Round Tables

1 Lamp

1 Wastebasket (I think)

I’m pretty sure my inventory list isn’t completely accurate, but I think she needs a little more, don’t you?

She says to let her know if you have any for sale!


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