Hummingbirds Galore!

12 Hummingbirds

To say we have more hummingbirds at our house right now than we’ve ever had is a complete understatement. In the picture above, there are 12 hummers! They are going through a completely full feeder every day. I’ve never seen anything like it!


I used my camera flash on this one. I guess they spread their tail feathers out to balance for the landing.

There are 12 hummingbirds in this picture, too. I like the way they are all lined up.

12 Hummers

Twelve again in this image. I like the ruby-throated on the male in the upper left.

9 Drinking

I know these nine look all harmonious drinking side-by-side, but don’t be fooled. They were slamming into each other repeatedly while I was taking the pictures.

Hummingbirds constantly fascinate me, from the rapid-fire beating of their wings, to the relentless drive to guard a food source.

Did you know that if one can trap another one on the ground that they will smother the offender? I didn’t either until DH told me.

Did you know that when the migrating urge surpasses the convenience of our sugar-water that they will fly non-stop across the Gulf of Mexico? Think about it. How can those tiny little birds fly so far without stopping or eating, especially considering their non-stop feeding habits at a feeder?

If you don’t have a hummingbird feeder, I highly recommend you get one. They will be migrating back through in February or March if you live in the South. It will be well worth your ten bucks or less.

13 thoughts on “Hummingbirds Galore!

  1. Great pics!
    Did you know that they will hitch a ride on the back of a larger bird crossing the gulf?
    Those little fire crackers are smart!

  2. Thanks for the comment on my Autumn is here post! I had to come stop by to see where the lovely comment came from and when I saw these photos of the hummingbirds I was amazed! It is not easy getting good pictures of them unless you have a good camera and patient and don’t move much. I have taken some and there was probably 10 or so out at the time but never this many drinking at the same time! Love it!

  3. We have 4 individual feeders placed around the front and back patio. It never dawned on me that they would feed together if the option was available. They are so territorial. I will definitely add one of these feeders for our fascinating feathered friends.

  4. Amazing! We put up an Oriole feeder, hearing the hummingbirds will use them, but no takers this year. (The Orioles didn’t care for it either, but did go after some oranges) We’ve only seen about one hummingbird per summer at our place. Sad, I know. Last year one was found checking out a red handled shovel and this year another was flying around our Bleeding hearts. Maybe next year…

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