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Hell’s Kitchen is my current favorite TV program, but I gotta tell you –the Elise situation is driving me crazy!! Good heavens! Why on earth would Gordon Ramsay keep her on the show week after week after miserable week?

I’ll tell you why. Or at least I’ll tell you why I think why. She is the ultimate drama queen and is injecting misery and conflict into every show. Without her, I suppose Ramsay thinks that sweating in the kitchen will be entirely too bland.

Humph. Perhaps, but I am soooo tired of her antics. I know, I know–it’s television and sparks must fly for viewers to tune in. But really, don’t you think maybe Will and Paul could mix it up a little? What about Tommy? He has that goofy act going to the point that he could surely replace Elise for an episode or two. I’m pretty sure Hell’s Kitchen would be heaven without Elise.

The women are being knocked off one by one, and sad to say, you-know-who is the only female still standing. Ugh.

At this point I’m almost hoping that she ends up being the head chef at BLT. It would serve Gordon Ramsay right for stringing her along just to up the drama.


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