Roll Yer Own

I went to a family reunion this summer and had an awesome time reconnecting with family members I hadn’t seen in a ‘coon’s age. (In case you’re wondering, that refers to how long a raccoon lives which is about 6-8 years.) In all actuality, it had probably been longer than that.

I have this great enjoyment in dropping in on family reunions and have people thinking or whispering to each other, “Who’s that?” Ha! It’s the unknown cousin! (You know–like the Unknown Comic from years ago on The Gong Show.)

There’s another family reunion I attend about every other year, and by now, they’ve figured out who I am. My grandmother, who died when my mother was 5, was their aunt or great-aunt. I decided several years ago that I wanted to go and see who the family members are. It has been great since they’ve figured out I wasn’t a reunion crasher!

Anyway, back to this summer’s reunion. I LOVE these people! They are the kids of my uncle and aunt and were always the spark plugs in the bunch. I was pretty much the youngest and most annoying in the group. I always thought my uncle was fascinating because of the lines etched in his face, and my aunt was the laughingest person I knew.

Here’s what grabbed my attention that day:

Roll Yer Own

Roll your own cigarettes. To quote a friend, “Genius!”

I made the comment to my cousin and his wife that I couldn’t believe that with the two of them smoking they could afford to buy cigarettes. They informed me that they rolled their own! They buy the tobacco, paper, and have a hand-cranked gizmo to produce these awesome-looking cigs in a handmade cigarette package. Cool!

If I had known about hand-rolled cigarettes back when I was smoking two packs a day, I would probably still be smoking today.

No wait–I’d probably be dead today, but that’s beside the point. I would seriously still be puffing along.


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