Wild Weather in North Alabama

I live in the land of wild weather in North Alabama. We have some seriously fluctuating weather patterns here.

Today, my international students were complaining that it was COLD. Seriously?

Now, I understand that it was 100 degrees just last Friday, but a high of 63 and 70-something today is nowhere near cold! I’ve tried to tell them that if they don’t like the weather in Alabama, all they have to do is wait 5 minutes and it will change, and boy did it ever change this week.

We have been under a sweltering heat wave since May with 90 to 100+ temps all summer long. In my book, 63 to 75 degrees is perfect–certainly not cold.

It has been so hot this summer that even the summer sun lovers have cried uncle and professed to be wistful for cooler temps. Finally, all our heat-breaking prayers have been answered.

Thank you Tropical Storm Lee! You see, Lee is the storm that broke summer’s back in the south. Yay!

We had days of soaking rain followed by blessed cooler air. When I walked outside yesterday and it was still in the 60s, I could hardly believe that I could breathe easily and I wasn’t breaking out into a sweat. I felt blissfully cool. Ahhhh.

So anyway, back to the business with my students’ complaining about being cold today. I let them know that we would talk when the temps dropped down to 29 like it did back in January, and we had city-shutting-down snow.

A Rare Sight--Measurable Snow in Alabama

Then, and only then, will I agree with them that it is cold.


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