College Football: The Day After

After 11 + hours of college football yesterday, I thought I’d muse a bit on the events of the day.


First and foremost, ROLL TIDE! I know, it was just Kent State, but after the debacle against Louisiana-Monroe in 2007, I’ve learned not to assume any ball game as a sure win. And kudos to Kent State for coming earlier this year to help with the tornado cleanup. That right there’s a class act.

As for assumptions, I guess Auburn, the second luckiest team next to LSU, knows after yesterday that a team like Utah State has to be taken seriously. When the players show up to play, any team is a contender.

LSU catches more breaks than should be allowed. When Auburn plays LSU October 22nd at LSU, it will be interesting to see whose luck runs out first. I’m really surprised that Oregon didn’t beat LSU, given the distraction of the Ducks’ awful looking dark uniforms with the neon shoes. Mercy!

Speaking of uniforms, I guess Georgia lost because of their dog-ugly uniforms. Good grief. Who on earth thought those things were a good idea? Maybe the only thing worse was Boise State’s blinding shoes. Between the two teams’ hideous clothing displays, I’m shocked that either team could concentrate on the game.

Florida State, Arkansas, and others got to enjoy the season opening rout they were expecting. Good for them.

As for next week, who knows? As long as Alabama beats Penn State, the sun will continue to shine.

4 thoughts on “College Football: The Day After

  1. I’ll take lucky any day of the week. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m a rare breed in that I’m both an LSU & BAMA fan. I still love Saban. My husband went to Alabama & I went to LSU so I LOVE SEC football. I do have a unique dilemma though… I’ve had a cute little plate on the front of my car for a couple of years now that says, LSU/BAMA House Divided. Is it TOTALLY awkward to still be driving around town & sitting in the carpool line with that one now that we are divorcing and have LITERALLY become a house divided? I think I’m going to leave it up through football season. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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