College Football First Saturday Anticipation

Cropped photograph of Alabama head football co...

Right now, even Nick is smiling. (Image via Wikipedia)

I love this first morning of college football because every team has a clean slate. Every team is a winner.

Optimism is running high with the anticipation of an undefeated season stretching ahead.

Right now, every team has the potential to be #1.

Emotions are running high–in a positive way.

The fans are tailgating.

The players are pumped up.

The cheerleaders are smiling.

Stomachs have butterflies.

All is well with the football world until kickoff. Then, the tide will turn for one team or the other.

Touchdowns will be scored.

Field goals or extra points will be missed.

Fans will cheer.

Coaches will cuss.

Bands will play.

Tim Tebow will cry. Oops, sorry–just a little reminiscing of the Alabama Crimson Tide win over the Gators.

But really, for all but the few who played the last couple of days, today is still filled with hopeful anticipation, joy, excitement, and suspense.

For those whose games are over, they are either ecstatically joyful or dejectedly defeated with the most notable example being TCU with their two-point loss to Baylor after being 24 points ahead. The back and forth of that game resulting in a whopping 98 points being scored exemplifies the awesome excitement that is college football.

With that as the opener, the 2011 season of college football is underway.

ROLL TIDE! (Just had to throw that in.)

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