One Disgusting “Meal”

You see that? That picture of a chicken patty trying to convince you that it’s going to taste yummy?

Well, a couple of weeks ago I fell for it.

Don’t ask me why. Oh, go ahead and ask. I’ll try to justify this miserable purchase.

Looking at the package, I surmised that this frozen chicken patty would be better to serve to the grandgirls than the chicken nuggets they always eat. After all, the brand name seemed good, and the patty is panko breaded–a total step up, don’t you know.

Tonight DH didn’t dish up some of his cooking deliciousness, so I found myself pawing through the freezer looking for a last-minute something to present as supper.

Here’s the menu I assembled:

  • Microwaved onion soup made from a frozen round brick which turned out to be the best part of the meal
  • The above mentioned panko chicken crud
  • Microwaved corn on the cob
  • Instant fake mashed potatoes

Please believe me when I tell you that the above “meal” is my single worst presentation at the supper table. It’s like I was suffering from temporary insanity. I KNOW better than to serve such disgustedness, but I plowed right ahead into an epicurean abyss.

We couldn’t eat it. We both ate about a third and threw the rest away. Blech!

What other choice did I have? I could have served bacon and eggs.

Or DH’s leftover grilled then frozen hamburger patties that are vacuum sealed. All I had to do was just throw them in boiling water while still in the bag. Easy and delicious.

Or frozen pizza which would have even been a huge step up.

I think I’ve learned my lesson. Preformed chicken patties will NOT be welcomed into my home again, no matter how enticing the package looks.

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