Do You Know These Words?

ZZ Top in concert

Image via Wikipedia

The task today from the postaday2011 folks is to find a word you don’t know, but like, and use it in a short, paragraph length, story, or a clever sentence.

I don’t want to write a story, so here are a few sentences. Oh, if you don’t know the meaning, check here.

Norman Hill always said he felt bad for taking my parents’ money since I was such a misodoctakleidist.

On hot days I like to wamfle.

At Rosie’s tonight, I was franching the tortilla chips.

I like to cachinnate in the car while listening to comedy radio.

I’m pretty sure that ZZ Top is crurophilous.

When was the last time you had your glabella waxed?

I have to listen to a lot of glossolalia.

I don’t have time for sneckdraws or wallydrags in my life.

I used to be an onygophagist, but I’m not anymore.

Be sure and enjoy your meleagrididae Thanksgiving!

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