Big Green Bug

This, boys and girls, is a Tomato Hornworm. I know–I’ve never heard of it either. It gets its name from that weird-looking horn sticking out of its hiney butt. I’m sure in the world of bugdom, that serves some great protective purpose.

These things have destroyed the dill growing in our herb garden. Apparently, dill ranks as the food of choice for the Tomato Hornworm. The ones that chose our garden, however, did not choose wisely. Each one that DH found met an untimely end when he slung them up against the fence, splatting their fat bodies and leaving only those little specks on its side adhered to the white vinyl.

This particular Tomato Hornworm pooped just after posing for the picture, causing my daughter to shudder and scream and my son to laugh hysterically.

The worm’s fate was sealed when he took it outside and threw it over the fence.


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