The Perfect Sunday

I’ve had a perfect Sunday today. We went to church, brought grandgirls home with us, took naps, ate DH smoked chicken, watched our daughter play ball with the grandgirls, and then we just relaxed.

The post a day assignment, however, was for the most perfect Sunday I can imagine. I’ve lived that one, too. That perfect Sunday is at the beach.

First, I get up, make a cup of coffee, sit on the deck of the beach house, read a little, and watch DH fish while dolphins swim past and leap out of the water.

After I finish my very leisurely coffee time, I go down to the water, walk the beach looking for shells, find more than I can carry, and pick up sand dollars as well. I go back to my chair, read some more, and when it gets to hot to stay out, I go in and work a jigsaw puzzle.

Next up is lunch at either Mikee’s or Sea-N-Suds. After crab claws and shrimp, I go find a few geocaches. If there’s time, I go to the bookstore and browse.

Back at the house, I go back to the beach and read some more. I walk the shoreline again and pick up more shells.

As the sun starts to set, I watch the Skimmer birds dip their bills into the water as they skim by harvesting their supper. I see the dolphins swim by again. When the sky starts lighting up from the setting sun, I take more photos than I will ever know what to do with.

Gulf Sunset

When the light fades, I go in and cook fish that DH has just pulled out of the ocean. After eating the crispy fish and reading some more, I go to bed with the sound of the ocean waves lulling me to sleep.

Then there’s the perfect Sunday in the mountains, at the Grand Canyon, watching the northern lights, in Switzerland, while geocaching and finding 100+ caches. Ahhh, I can dream.


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