Maybe Change Doesn’t ALWAYS Suck

I still think change sucks most of the time, but in all fairness, sometimes it doesn’t.

For instance, four years ago we moved into a new house. That was a wonderful change.

We bought a different model car. That was an okay change, but the 1999 Toyota 4Runner still tugs at my heart.

I changed offices. That was a fine change because it forced me to get rid of lots of unnecessary stuff.

Driving to work using a different route can be good because I get to see different views. It’s not so good if it makes me late.

Buying different shoes resulted in my ditching my Yellow Box for FitFlops. They really do exercise muscles.

Changing the sheets is good.

Changing your mind is good. Just ask any woman.

When technology changes, that is excellent, but can drive you crazy, too.

Weather changes are good. What if it never stopped raining? Snowing? Being hot?

Even though it really did suck when my daughter and grandbaby moved to California, if they hadn’t I would never have visited San Diego or known what it was like to kiss a boo-boo over the phone. I would have never seen the Pacific Ocean. I would never have known that it really is possible to have a day at the beach without feeling like I was dying from the heat.

The funny thing is that one of the reasons I love geocaching is mainly because of change. It changes my route. It changes my location. It changes what I see, and sometimes how I see it. It changes how I look at the world in general and specifically.

I guess change is much like the changing tide. From day to day it constantly changes, bringing fresh discovery into any life that takes the time to experience it, so maybe it doesn’t suck after all.


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