Weather Control

Montage of San Diego pictures on Commons

Image via Wikipedia of San Diego Sights

The post a day 2011 topic for today is If You Controlled the Weather, What Would It Be Like Outside Today?

It certainly wouldn’t be 94 with a heat index of 100 and a dew point of 70.

If I controlled the weather, the temperature would be 70ish, no humidity or high dew point, a light breeze blowing, and sunny.

I hear that’s what the weather is like in Hawaii most of the time, but since I’ve never been there, I can only imagine.

The only place I’ve ever visited that comes close to optimal weather is San Diego, California. I had no idea that such a place existed on earth, not only having perfect weather but also with the added benefit of no bugs!

As much as I love the perfect weather there, high living expenses combined with lack of family members there keeps me confined to the wildly fluctuating weather patterns of Alabama.


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