Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance (n.) or Entrance (v.)?

This weekly photo challenge is entrance which seems simple enough. But is it an entrance (noun) that I am looking for, or something that entrances (verb) me?

If I were to put up photos that entrance me, I would have images of bison, sunsets, family, beaches, and mountains. Since I think that’s not exactly what’s expected, I went with the more traditional notion of an entrance.

Entrances entranceĀ in and of themselves.

Spooky Entrance

Take this spooky entrance. Many would be entranced with this entrance because they love to be scared and would happily anticipate what awaited them on the other side.

Scary Gate

This entrance would also entrance those who like bone-chilling adventure because they might experience a frightening good time.

Church Entrance

An equally entrancing entrance such as this could calm the petrified soul of the one just emerging from the scary entrances.

Fun Entrance

Sometimes an entrance can just be fun. Entering this entrance guarantees both joy and excitement. Many a little girl is entranced after passing through this entrance.

Mystery Entrance

You get bonus points if you can identify this entrancing entrance. If you are a music guru, you probably already know where it leads.


Congratulations if you knew, and more congrats to anyone else who knows what this building is. You don’t?

The entrance to this building leads to the entrancing beginning of The Muscle Shoals Sound, Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, and The Swampers. Remember the reference to them in the Lynrd Skynrd song Sweet Home Alabama?

Legendary music was recorded in this building by such artists as The Rolling Stones, Cher, Paul Simon, Rod Stewart, Bob Segar, Bob Dylan, and Lynrd Skynrd just to name a few.

Now I would call that an entrancing entrance.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance (n.) or Entrance (v.)?

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