Geocaching & Ducks & Fake Snakes

Today’s geocaching adventure really started off right. This was our first stop.

I know it doesn’t look like much, but my caching buddy had DNF’d (didn’t find) it recently and wanted to go back and look for it again after getting info from the cache owner.

While she was poking around looking for it, a local police officer drove up wanting to know what we were doing. First cache of the day, mind you! Then, he said, “Geocachers, I’ll bet.”

What? Yep, he knew about it because he’s a geocacher, too. Whew! That certainly made our lives easier!

Later, we meandered around finding other caches, then these lovelies met us at one of the caches.

They were certainly looking for food, and we didn’t have a thing to feed them. The small dark one pecked on my foot at one point.

This ducky has beautiful markings on it.

After the duck encounter, we continued on and came across this:

Nothing quite like a fake snake to top off a great geocaching day!

Oh, I don’t know why that duck neck is in my title bar up there!

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