5 Ways To Survive the First Days of School

School’s back in session, and I know there are lots of happy mommas and lots of stressed out mommas.

If you are a stressed momma, try these five tips for getting through the days:

1. Pray–That always helps.

2. Exercise–Nothing like a little sweat-induced stress relief.

3. Talk–The more the better. Call everyone you know and unload. Return the favor by letting them unload on you.

4. Cry–Releasing the pent-up worry, stress, and fear of the unknown will do wonders for your health.

5. Scream–Particularly if you are now faced with a house devoid of children. You’ll feel much better!

Whatever you do, don’t eat! Unless it’s something healthful, of course.

If you are a momma rejoicing because you finally got them all in school, try these five tips for sailing through the days:

1. Pray. They and you still need it.

2. Sleep. You’ve earned it!

3. Go to lunch with a friend. Remember what fun that used to be? You are free to do that again!

4. Read. Remember reading?

5. Rejoice!

Now if you are the unhappy momma, give yourself a couple of days, then move on to list #2. You will love your new life real soon!


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