A Sunday Afternoon Ride through the Countryside

I love a leisurely Sunday afternoon ride through the country. My DH and I used to do that frequently, but really it has been years since we have taken such a journey until today.

When I was little, my parents forced me into these lengthy jaunts, seeing as how I had no say so in the matter of whether I was going or not. Traveling with them was quite different from what we do now because they liked to stop and look for arrowheads.

I don’t know if you’ve ever looked for arrowheads, but I can tell you that as a child, this was a particularly torturous task. Arrowhead hunting involves heat, time–lots of time–and excessive boredom. I mean really, who wants to spend hours in a bent over hunch, eyes locked on the ground, looking for pointy rocks? Not me, that’s for sure.

Did I mention that arrowhead hunting is HOT?

Payback proved to be pretty good for my parents, however, since they eventually traded in much of their collection for a very nice diamond ring for my mother. The rest of the arrowheads subsequently ended up in a local museum.

Anyway, back to the afternoon drive. We were out about an hour and saw lots of pretty countryside. The coup de grâce of the afternoon was this oddity:

Recliner in Field

Hmmm. What would ever possess a person to put a recliner in a field? I suppose the vantage point is great for watching traffic go by except for the fact that this is in the boons where little vehicular activity takes place.

Perhaps an extremely comfy tanning bed?

Whatever the reasoning, I’m glad I got to have a laugh at this unexpected sight today.


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