Adventures in Yardsaling

We have an at least once-a-year tradition now–going yardsaling aka going to yard sales. I have at least one grandgirl who thinks this is the greatest thing ever. She has figured out that when she goes, she can always come back with some really swell item for cheap.

Somehow this summer we put it off until the last Saturday before school starts back. That’s okay, though, because at least it was a little cooler this morning.

She actually hit her big score at one of the first yard sales we hit. There in all their beautiful Barbie glory sat three of the fancy ones. She immediately settled on the Millennium Barbie. I don’t know how much they retailed for, but the asking price on this one was eight dollars.

I went and asked the lady who was the pricer of the Barbies. Oddly enough, she said the dolls were her husbands’. I asked her if she would take six dollars for the doll, and she said, “Oh no, she is worth much more than that.”

Okay, so I go back and my daughter, grandgirl, and I all converse about the doll. My daughter says she won’t pay that for it, grandgirl only has two dollars, so I say that I will make up the six-dollar difference.

My daughter heads back to the car, and I tell my grandgirl to take the Barbie up to the lady and ask her if she’ll take six dollars for it. Of course the lady smiles at my beautiful grandgirl and says, “Since you’re so cute, I’ll sell it to you for seven dollars.”

My grandgirl keeps on smiling at her, and the lady turns to her friend and says, “Doesn’t she look like Meredith?” The friend says, “Yes, I think she does!” At which point the lady turns back to this sweet child and says, “Okay, you can have it for six dollars.”

Score! We turn to leave with the beautiful Millennium Barbie and hear them saying, “Doesn’t she look like Meredith?” “Yes, she really does! She is SO cute!”

I guess it pays to be cute and look like someone else!

After that success, my grandgirl also found bargains in the form of twenty cent pink pompoms and a twenty-five cent 100-piece kitten jigsaw puzzle.

All in all, a very successful day with my daughter also bringing home a fifty-cent copy of The Shack.

We also got to see a beautiful Crepe Myrtle.

Crepe Myrtle

We ended the day with a laugh.

Who Ya Gonna Call?


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