Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountains

I’ve been to the Smoky Mountains many times, and I’ve been to the Rockies just once. Since this challenge is for mountains and I just got back from The Smokies, I’m posting a couple of photos from that trip.

View from Newfound Gap

As usual, the view from Newfound Gap was hazy but beautiful as always.

Night was falling, so this image isn’t quite as clear. That’s Mt. LeConte at sunset as seen from the Gatlinburg by-pass. It’s also the location of a geocaching earthcache.

We went October 2010, so here are a few from that trip.

Newfound Gap October 2010

View just below Newfound Gap on the North Carolina Side

View from Roaring Fork Motor Trail

Graveyard out Hwy 321

There was a cache here, or we would never have stopped at this spot.

Going to the mountains is like breathing for us.

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