The Unknown Product

We went to town to look for Neat’s Oil. I know–I’ve never heard of the unknown product either. My sister told me to get it for the leather top of a desk she brought to me. I thought she said neet oil, and when we went looking, the only thing we saw was teak oil.

So we called for clarification. My brother-in-law spelled it out for me, so we went to a sporting goods store to try to find it. When we walked in the door, I asked the dude at the front if they had Neat’s Oil.

“Whut?” was his reply after a pause.

“Neat’s Oil.” I could see him searching his brain for it. After I told him it is to keep water out of shoes, he directed us to the shoe section.

I asked the guy in shoes the same question. Blank look. “I don’t know. I haven’t really heard of that.”

Okay. We leave and go to an outdoor type store. A pretty girl asks us if she can help. I ask the same question to her. “Um, I’m not familiar with all the little products. Let me ask somebody.”

No, they didn’t have it either.

We return home empty-handed, and look online. Amazon has it, of course.

I don’t think we wasted time going to the different stores because I love watching people’s faces when I ask them something they have no idea about. Try it sometime.


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