Land Between the Lakes Bison

Since we’re on the subject of bison, you should know that grandgirl #1 and I went to Land Between the Lakes last year just to see the bison. The bison population there lagged way behind that of Yellowstone, but still made me very happy since I could see them without driving 2,000 miles one way.

We got to see bison mommas and bison babies, and we saw many up close and personal.

We also had a standoff with a bison herd.

They won. We turned around and cruised the reserve to give them time to move along.

This bad boy rewarded us with his presence which made it worth the wait.

At LBL, we enjoyed other activities besides just looking at bison. We geocached, toured the museums, ate good food, and delved into pioneer history. I even got a new quilt.

We also saw lots of birds and even a bat at their nature center.

Someday I’d like to see bison in their full-on winter coat, but this trip we saw the summer molt complete with flies (lots of flies) swarming about the bison.

Funny thing about bison is that when you look at them, you think they are sloooow. Not. One of the stupid tourist tricks entails getting too close and then getting gored or trampled. Not a good idea.

When we were in Yellowstone, the rangers were yelling at tourists, “You’re too close to the bison!” because don’t you know that if you are on the paved walking trail, you’re safe. Ha! I don’t think so!

When you see a bison wallow

you think that they can’t move that fast, particularly out of a lying down position like that. Well, let me tell you that they can.

Anyway, you should go experience the roots of your Native American country by seeing bison whether in LBL or Yellowstone. They will take your breath away.


2 thoughts on “Land Between the Lakes Bison

  1. Hey BisonWoman
    Great pics! I’d like to know if you’d let us (The Cadiz-Trigg Tourist Commission) use one or two of these on some pages we’re in the process of making for LBL.

    (and if you’re up for it, I’d like to get your info… even listen to more about your travels here!! Knowing what’s on visitors’ minds is a huge help)

    • Hey! I looked up your media page, and it doesn’t look like you do tourism. I don’t mind if you use the photos for the Cadiz-Trigg. Just let me know what you have in mind.

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