Many people have asked me why I have the name BisonWoman. I use it as my geocaching name (more about that another day) because my daughter gave me that name probably as early as 1999.

Why, you ask? Well, in 1999 my husband and I took our trip of a lifetime to Yellowstone. We traveled over 5,000 miles and spent 18 days together–the longest time we had ever lived nonstop with each other our entire marriage. That was a real test! We passed.

When we entered Colorado, 2 bison sat at the state line welcoming us there. I couldn’t believe it! When we drove up to the Lake Yellowstone Hotel, a couple of bison lounged on the grounds practically at the front door. Really? I was beside myself! I couldn’t believe it! Again!

One afternoon while returning to the park from West Yellowstone, we got caught in a 13 minute bison jam. I have never seen anything like it. They wandered everywhere–in front of the 4Runner, beside the 4Runner, behind the 4Runner–it was a little freaky, but I loved it!

I totally fell in love with bison on that trip. Somehow, they touched my Native American soul. I bought lots of bison stuff while in the wild west, including this well used and loved bison coaster:

This looks great thanks to computer photo enhancements! The actual look is much duller due to 12 years of use.

As my collection grew, my daughter started calling me BisonWoman.

I started caching in 2004 with BisonWoman as my username because it seemed to fit the outdoor activity. I’ve had some cachers suggest it’s not a very complimentary name for a woman, but for me it’s just reflecting my fascination with the very cool Bison.


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