Do You Know These Words?

ZZ Top in concert
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The task today from the postaday2011 folks is to find a word you don’t know, but like, and use it in a short, paragraph length, story, or a clever sentence.

I don’t want to write a story, so here are a few sentences. Oh, if you don’t know the meaning, check here.

Norman Hill always said he felt bad for taking my parents’ money since I was such a misodoctakleidist.

On hot days I like to wamfle.

At Rosie’s tonight, I was franching the tortilla chips.

I like to cachinnate in the car while listening to comedy radio.

I’m pretty sure that ZZ Top is crurophilous.

When was the last time you had your glabella waxed?

I have to listen to a lot of glossolalia.

I don’t have time for sneckdraws or wallydrags in my life.

I used to be an onygophagist, but I’m not anymore.

Be sure and enjoy your meleagrididae Thanksgiving!


Big Green Bug

This, boys and girls, is a Tomato Hornworm. I know–I’ve never heard of it either. It gets its name from that weird-looking horn sticking out of its hiney butt. I’m sure in the world of bugdom, that serves some great protective purpose.

These things have destroyed the dill growing in our herb garden. Apparently, dill ranks as the food of choice for the Tomato Hornworm. The ones that chose our garden, however, did not choose wisely. Each one that DH found met an untimely end when he slung them up against the fence, splatting their fat bodies and leaving only those little specks on its side adhered to the white vinyl.

This particular Tomato Hornworm pooped just after posing for the picture, causing my daughter to shudder and scream and my son to laugh hysterically.

The worm’s fate was sealed when he took it outside and threw it over the fence.

My Current 10 Favorite iPhone Game Apps

Talking about my favorite iPhone game apps was on my agenda anyway, so when the postaday2011 topic came up today to review a product, the timing proved perfect to go ahead with it.

I like more than 10 game apps, but these are my current favorites:

  1. Angry Birds–I’ve been hooked on these flying fowl from the get-go. What can be more satisfying than smashing a bunch of smirking pigs?
  2. Angry Birds Seasons–I like the seasons version even better than the original. There are a few physics problems like things continuing to float even after I’ve knocked down all the supports, but I still love it.
  3. Angry Birds Rio–Of the three, I love this one the least, but it is still fun. I really don’t like the monkeys much, though.
  4. Bejeweled 2–I think Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook is more addicting with its one minute limit, but this one still sucks me into the time-wasting abyss.
  5. Qrank–I like this one because of the questions–Literature, Sports, Money and more. Some days I can blaze through them. Other days it’s like my brain has taken the day off.
  6. Bunny Shooter–Bunny Shooter makes me crazy. Trying to get the arrows at the right angle and shooting them at the right target in the right order can make me think more than some of the other games.
  7. Oven Break–This is a Christmas game app that is very fast-paced! I got it last year and still haven’t beaten it. My gingerbread man gets impaled on the spears quite frequently.
  8. Cut the Rope–Having to cut a rope so that candy falls into a frog’s mouth is more fun than you would think. I have one grandgirl who would list this one as her favorite.
  9. Stack the States–My current fav! This is one awesome app. I have learned more about size perspective of the states from this app than I ever knew in my life. The questions aren’t too hard for me, but they provide a good challenge for the grandgirls. Even the ones who can’t read yet play this because stacking the states up is so much fun.
  10. Stack the Countries–Also a current fav, but my skills at answering this one are pretty weak. It’s a big world, don’t cha know? Once again, it is fantastic for understanding the size perspective of countries. It’s amazing how tiny some are and how enormous others are.

I really love apps, and the game ones top my list. Words with Friends and Scrabble are actually my top two, but since I mentioned them the other day, I didn’t include them on this list.

I just looked at the app store, and it looks like Line Birds will make it onto my phone next. Any and all suggestions from you are appreciated!

The Perfect Sunday

I’ve had a perfect Sunday today. We went to church, brought grandgirls home with us, took naps, ate DH smoked chicken, watched our daughter play ball with the grandgirls, and then we just relaxed.

The post a day assignment, however, was for the most perfect Sunday I can imagine. I’ve lived that one, too. That perfect Sunday is at the beach.

First, I get up, make a cup of coffee, sit on the deck of the beach house, read a little, and watch DH fish while dolphins swim past and leap out of the water.

After I finish my very leisurely coffee time, I go down to the water, walk the beach looking for shells, find more than I can carry, and pick up sand dollars as well. I go back to my chair, read some more, and when it gets to hot to stay out, I go in and work a jigsaw puzzle.

Next up is lunch at either Mikee’s or Sea-N-Suds. After crab claws and shrimp, I go find a few geocaches. If there’s time, I go to the bookstore and browse.

Back at the house, I go back to the beach and read some more. I walk the shoreline again and pick up more shells.

As the sun starts to set, I watch the Skimmer birds dip their bills into the water as they skim by harvesting their supper. I see the dolphins swim by again. When the sky starts lighting up from the setting sun, I take more photos than I will ever know what to do with.

Gulf Sunset

When the light fades, I go in and cook fish that DH has just pulled out of the ocean. After eating the crispy fish and reading some more, I go to bed with the sound of the ocean waves lulling me to sleep.

Then there’s the perfect Sunday in the mountains, at the Grand Canyon, watching the northern lights, in Switzerland, while geocaching and finding 100+ caches. Ahhh, I can dream.

My 10 Favorite iPhone Apps

I’ve been neck-deep in the iPhone app store all day, so after plowing through descriptions of dozens of apps, I wondered just what my favorites are that I use all the time. Here’s the list:

  1. Words with Friends–I currently only have three games going, but I’ve had as many as 9 or 10. My daughter and a caching friend are my most reliable opponents. My DH pretty much refuses to play anyone any more.

    121 Point Word!
  2. Scrabble–My caching friend is the one who plays me on this one. I love the teacher’s faces. It’s great when I get the big smiley face. It’s ego-crushing when I get the horrified face!
  3. Geocaching–This app can’t be beat if I don’t have my GPS and I’m in a 3G area where this one will work. I used it just the other day.
  4. Grocery IQ–My DH & I finally got the syncing thing figured out on this one, and it works like a charm. I love that you can scan the bar code on a product and add it to the favorites.
  5. Notes–I use this app to take notes and then email them to whomever.
  6. iBooks–It’s books. I’m an English major. What more is there to say?
  7. Kindle–It’s books. I’m an English major. As Thomas Jefferson said, “I cannot live without books.”
  8. Holy Bible–It’s THE book. Plus, it has tons of translations.
  9. Groovy Grader–If you are a teacher, you must have this! Put in the number of questions, and it will compute all the possible scores for you.
  10. Nike+ GPS–When I’m actually walking outside, I love this app. I can listen to music, track my walk, and know how far I walked. I also get voice prompts. It’s awesome!

I know I included two word games on this list, so of course Angry Birds should be on here, but I’ll do a game list another day.

Make up a word and its definition: Scoopie

Topic #230 on The Daily Post was to make up a word and its definition. I didn’t have to think much on this one because my family already has one.

That word is “scoopie.”

I have no idea how it started, but scoopie in my family means to scoot over, to move, or to move out of the way.

“I need to sit there–scoopie.”

“It’s time for bed. Scoopie on.”

“Scoopie. I need to get through there.”

Weird, I know, but it’s one of those familyisms that has stuck over the years.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

When the weekly photo challenge popped up as being flowers, I was very happy because I love flowers. However, I soon realized that the people who picked the theme at this time of the year must live in California.

You see, it’s August in Alabama, and most of the flowers are fried. I know it’s August in California, too, but I’ll bet it’s just perfect weather for a riotous display of flowers there.

Undaunted, I set out looking for flowers. Mostly all I can see now is green–lots of green. I found a few, and I’m also including some of my favorite Spring flowers that I photographed earlier this year.

Dutchman's Breeches

Dutchman’s Breeches is my favorite wildflower. I think the shape of them is very unique. They are fleeting bloomers in the very early Spring–anywhere from late February to early April here.


The color and fragrance of lilacs make them another fave. I thought I had died and gone to heaven the year we were in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and the whole town was awash in blooming lilacs. The smell was out of this world.

I don’t know the name of these little purple-speckeled flowers, but they look pretty.


These petunias are still beautiful, but most are crispy by now.


Portulaca thrives better in the Alabama heat better than most, so we plant them every year. Thanks to DH’s TLC, they bloom through the summer.

Cardinal Flower

I didn’t know the name of this Cardinal Flower until I looked it up. We spotted this one on a recent geocaching outing.

Wildflowers in the woods are great, and so are all the others!